Rainy day when you're convinced that nothing good is gonna happen. Arranging the session seems to last ages. Thousands of ideas that I prepare for this photoshooting and... finally all the plans went down due to bad weather. How ironic is it?

But every cloud has a silver lining. Make up artist  did her work excellent, model was very professional and even the rain stopped pouring for a while letting us take some shoots without hiding under the bridge.

This event made me think about how far we can plan this whole 'outdoor photoshooting' thing. I'm torn between two statements. No. 1 is that first of all I must go to the site where the session is going to take place and consider all the frames I want to get. But on the other hand I think there's must be a place for improvising and operating under the spur of the moment. And it's all about the balance between direct plan vs spontaneity.

And what do you, guys, think about it? How about your experiences? Let me know.

model: Aleksandra
mua: Kristina

July 2014

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